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Make your public speech smart with our handheld audience response systems.Your speech is no longer limited to the podium. Expand the reach and utility of your words and know how the audience can improve upon your concepts. We bring you the technology in your hands. Our wide ranges of handheld response systems are suited for a variety of public speaking platforms.

Versatility is our specialty

The motives and venues of public speeches are never the same. Through dedicated research and technology, we offer response systems suited to the need:

Student response systems: Designed for classrooms, school auditoriums, and seminars, these systems are simple to operate and come with multiple options. The students can give quick votes, type and send doubts and send signals.

Live response systems: These are meant for live shows broadcasted across the satellite with a long range of audience. The powerful signals are quick enough to eliminate time lag and respond swiftly. The users can choose to remain anonymous. Best suitable for live game shows and web polls.

Polling response systems: This is the simplest and most economical type of device we offer. They are suitable for polling sessions with limited resources and a huge audience. The responses are sent to computer database software which calculates the results in real time and displays the summary.

The customers can selectively order our devices with or without software, and hardware. We offer special discounts and free transportation for bulk orders.  Our technical team will provide you free assistance and service for one year and also, we give you an extendible warranty of two years. For orders to events meant for social causes, we will help you in the promotion and a portion of our sales profit will be donated to charity. Educational institutions get free access to our digital library to carry out research on academic subjects. Seek our help to keep up with the smarter audience.